Thursday, October 30, 2008


So my son has reached an interesting phase of life...apparently wearing pants is a terrible punishment for him. After preschool, we come home and as soon as he gets six inches inside the house, he is stripping down to his boxers and t shirt, leaving his pants and jacket in a trail along the way.

So I told him he needed to put his clothes away, and he looked up at me seriously, holding one sock, and said:

"Oh, I am, Mommy. I am just doing it one clo at a time."


Jace is also just starting to wrap his head around Eli's death. As we were driving the other day, he was paying a lot of attention to the different makes and models of cars.

"Mama, what kind of car does God drive?"

"He doesn't need a car, honey."

"Yes he does! If he doesn't have a car, he will have nowhere to put the carseat when he drives Eli back to us."


Seth is a very popular baby around here...wherever we go, people want to hold him and love on him. He is our miracle, after all. But Jace is very concerned that people like him a little too much.

"Jace, your baby is so precious!"

"Yes, he is precious. But he is our baby, not your baby. You can't keep him."

"I can't keep him? He can't stay here with me?"

"NO! You cannot keep him! He is ours and we get to keep him. You can keep an eye on him."


He also has a friend in his preschool class that he has known 'since he was born.' She is an older woman...three months older. They get along famously and several months ago, she said that she was going to marry him. When we found out that they were going to be in the same class, we figured it was fate. =) Today, her mom was behind us in car circle. Jace noticed her and was dying trying to get her attention.

"I love her! I love her! I love her! I kiss her and I hug her and I just love her. We might get married! We really might. Can she hear me? I need her to hear I love her sooo much."


Doesn't he just sound like the most scrumptions, adorable 3 year old? He is such a blessing to our family. For Halloween, he has decided to be a Knight/Superhero with a cape and a sword who rides a horse. No, the title cannot be shortened.


Windy said...

Oh this is very funny. =) Don't forget... he also flushes baby Moses down the toilet to get him back to the Nile River! HAHAHA! I love that kid!

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