Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Talk

Man, has anyone seen how much adorable baby girl stuff they have at Target these days? Most of it's 30% off so I'm totally stalking it until I can stock up on some stuff at 50% off. All of Ava's baby clothes have been up in the attic since she outgrew her clothes, and she was a big baby. Plus, she was a summer baby, so I don't even know how much of the stuff is going to be in good shape or work for the new baby. Also, Ava drooled a whole heck of a lot, so a bunch of her stuff is probably stained beyond belief.

Tonight was the first time I actually let myself look at baby stuff, though. Man, it has been a while since I've looked at girl clothes! I'm so used to the boy uniform (in our family at least) of polos and tees with cargo shorts and cargo pants. Yeah, we tend to find a look and stick with it. And I just love a little boy in cargo shorts and a polo. But when Ava was a baby I was much more adventurous with her outfits and I'm totally overwhelmed this time around! My kids go to a private school and wear uniforms, so when we shop for clothes for all three of them I tend to buy solid bottoms and cute shirts...they're all interchangeable, and it's pretty straight forward. Ava gets a few simple dresses too. That's it. She's not a very fussy girl, and looking back at all the different outfits she had as a baby is crazy! I'm almost afraid to buy clothes before the baby comes, though...I have this weird thing about coloring and hair color and What Not to Wear. Hey! They should totally write a What Not to Wear for babies. That would rock. I probably would have learned sooner that Ava can't wear gray or yellow. Alas, I didn't figure it out until after buying several outfits in those colors. Since we've had three kids with dark hair and one whose hair just keeps getting blonder, what this baby is going to look like is a total toss up. I'm kind of hoping for a blond with blue eyes to match Seth so that people don't think he's from another family so much.

I can't believe it's already October and that if this baby comes as early as all her brothers did she could make an appearance early in December. Mind blowing. She's going to have one brother that is going to have some major adjustments to make...lately whenever I cuddle with either Ava or Jace at home Seth flips out completely and sets out on a crawling rampage, speeding over to wherever we are and trying to scale the couch and push the other kids away. Then he site with me for about 7.5 seconds before he wants to get down and play again. He doesn't even want me, he just doesn't want them to have me either! This is going to be an issue.

Can I just say that while I've been totally committed to nursing all of my kids, I will admit that I am really not looking forward to nursing again. I only recently stopped nursing Seth and I think it might have been easier if I had just kept nursing him until the baby was born. Now that I've had a chance to adjust to life without nursing bras and layering all my shirts for easy and discreet nursing I am really, really not looking forward to doing it all again so soon. I mean, I will, I'll probably just complain a lot about it. Because that's how I roll. Although I will say that the only thing more frustrating and painful than actually nursing a newborn and trying to keep them awake long enough to eat is NOT nursing and having to deal with the insane pain of engorgement. After Eli died I spent almost a month completely uncomfortable and blown away by the fact that sometimes people just choose not to nurse and to go through the pain of your milk coming in with no relief. I just have to keep chanting to myself that this is the last year I'll have to nurse. Maybe that can be my new mantra. Reclaiming my boobs in 2011! Oh happy day!

Wow, baby clothes and boobs. It's rockin' around here, huh? Now it's 9:56 and I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm hip and cool, alright! I think I'm going to try to keep my eyes open long enough to sneak some cookie dough. I mean, if I ate cookie dough, which I totally wouldn't because it would screw up my blood sugar. Oops. Night!

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