Sunday, October 11, 2009

You've got to be kidding me.

You'll never believe what my daughter told me today. My beautiful, funny, FIVE YEAR OLD daughter.


My daughter who spends most of her time singing praises to God and making up vaguely lyrical dance moves to those songs. Who cuddles with me about fifty times a day. Who is the first to jump up and pick up after herself or her brothers when I ask. Who tells silly jokes and loves doing math at school. My daughter, who heard a radio commercial about laughing your way to a better marriage and got very excited, telling me "Did you hear that! That's just what we need!"


You just won't believe what she told me. This girl who is so adorably clumsy that we call her Grace, who just spent three weeks choosing a halloween costume. Who takes life very, very seriously and tells me on a daily basis that I'm the best Mom she could ever get (Well, thank you, I tell her, but I'm the only mom you'll get, you know.). Who cries when she thinks about having to move out to go to college and is very concerned about me going to Heaven before she does.


This baby girl, the defender on her soccer team, the one who spends lots of time watching for airplanes and funny shaped clouds instead of playing, who can't wait to go to school every morning, who spends any allowance or birthday money she gets on other people...well, she told me something crazy. Today, she told me she has a boyfriend. That's him in the picture below. He's also a defender on her team. Apparently, at soccer practice one day, he told her she was his girlfriend, and she said "Great! You're my boyfriend!"


Now, if you would have asked me yesterday if my daughter even knew what boyfriends were, I would have told you no. But then she proceeded to tell me that they're planning to go out on a date together sometime after soccer. Seriously? I asked her what a date was, and she told me that it's when you go somewhere with someone you like and hang out together, and usually eat...where is she hearing this stuff? She also said "butt" the other day, which was a first. I can't believe my little girl is talking about this stuff!

Of course, right after that, she also told me she has a girlfriend, too, and that boyfriends and girlfriends are just people you like a bunch. Whew! Although it could be interesting if she keeps talking about her new girlfriend to people.

Anyway, I'd like to issue an official request for her to stay a little girl for about 12 more years. Can someone get on that? Thanks.
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