Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sneak Attack by Seth

Apparently a little bored, Seth started look for something to get into this morning at Ava's soccer game.


When he saw something interesting, he took off.


One of his very favorite things just happened to be just a few yards away...a ball!


After a quick check to make sure no one was onto him,


he started trying to jedi mind trick the ball to come to him through the net.


He was concentrating so intensely that he didn't even notice he'd been caught red handed by the team, who wanted the ball for their game.


A quick, wanna be innocent glance to the side tells it all...he wasn't do anything, man!


But they didn't seem to buy it, so he started searching for someone who would have his back.


He quickly located the person most likely to be sympathetic to him, and took off to tell his Grandma about how those mean kids wouldn't even let him have a ball.


Oh, the life of a baby. It's tough, I tell you.
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