Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drumroll, Please...

We have a winner! This person will soon have a beautiful piece of Nelle & Lizzy jewelry to grace their lovely hand/neck/arm whatever with.

Because we like to do things the most complicated way possible, I didn't use to pick a winner. I used my kids. Yes, it was interesting. But way more cute than, I think.

And here it is for your viewing pleasure! For those of you who can't view the video or don't feel like watching my kids look insanely cute, the winner is posted below the video. But just so you know, not wanting to watch my kids babble randomly on video means you have no heart. Just kidding. Sort of.

heatherbealonis, email me! You're our big winner! Seth picked your name right out of his very fancy Diego lunch box. Congratulations...pick out your jewelry in good health!

For everyone else, you all probably won right after her. After Seth drew the first name, he got pretty excited about it and proceeded to pull out and hand to me or Ava oh, about a hundred names. I wish I could give you all the gift certificate, but alas...I can't. 

But please, consider supporting a really cool company like Nelle & Lizzy, who donated both of these gift cards out of the goodness of their hearts. 

I saw a few people asked if you could get a name added to your ring at a later date, and it's my understanding that you cannot. Something about the stamping process and stretching. What you can do, however, is order, for example, a triple ring even if you only have two kids. Then, if/when you have a third, you can send the ring back to Nelle & Lizzy for stamping of the third band. I think it's $25 at that point. Much cheaper than a new ring, though! Obviously you can do the same if you get a double ring and only have one child, etc. 

Thanks for participating in such a fun contest! I had a great time reading all of your jokes, your kind words, and your very entertaining name guesses. There were a few of you who guessed names that would almost have certainly been Seth's name had he been a girl...Eliza and Nora were two of our front runners back then.

Alas, no one actually guessed the name, and as my neighbor said yesterday "There's no way anyone is going to guess this name. I just can't." Of course, she knows the name, so she might just be trying to throw you guys off. I don't know. She's kind of sneaky like that. 

The kids and I have spent a very productive morning cleaning the house from top to bottom, watching some Bindi the Jungle Girl, and now they're trying to talk me into the mall and I'm trying my hardest to resist. Maybe I'll let them talk me into it if it means we can go to Sharper Image and get those chair massages. I need one!

Congratulations, Heather! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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