Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A few minutes into the boys' birthday party last week, Addy and Ella headed off to the restroom next to the playground. We sat around watching the kids play and complaining about how hot it was, but after about ten or fifteen minutes, we all started to wonder where the girls had gotten to. 

It turned out that when they locked the bathroom door, the deadbolt got stuck and wouldn't unlock. After standing around for way too long trying variations of "Turn it the other direction! Harder!" and trying to call the parks and rec department, nothing was working. I called at least four numbers with no succcess and as the minutes ticked by, the girls were getting more and more distraught. 

And that's how, for the first time in my life, I called 911 while Tommy tried to get the door unlocked with a tire iron. 

And that's how an ambulance made an appearance at the birthday party. 


They got the girls out quickly and other than being hot and scared, they were okay. And then they all went above and beyond the call of duty and invited all the kids into the ambulance to check it out. All the guys were incredibly nice and friendly and took lots of time to let everyone explore. I was just so pleasantly surprised by how great everyone we dealt with was!


It was just past a year ago that Seth was in an ambulance for a very different reason, getting transported to a Children's Hospital in Indiana because he was having breathing difficulties. This kind of ambulance ride was a lot more fun! 


One of the fire fighters noticed Seth's CIs and actually knew what they were, which was pretty cool. They were all interested in how he was doing, and they were great talking to all the kids. 




When the kids came piling out it looked like a clown car on steroids. They just kept coming!


It was a fun, unexpected end to a scary beginning of the party. Thankfully, Addy and Ella were fine and the boys' party ended up being a lot of fun and Seth absolutely loved touring the ambulance! He loves cars and trucks. Such a boy! I have way too many fun pictures to post tonight...I'll probably be putting them up here and there this week. 

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