Monday, May 23, 2011

29/30 Weeks!

You guys! I made it to the third trimester!

Sorry, I'm a little excited about that. We're trucking along over here! And because I am a little worn out these days, this weeks picture was snapped in the mirror in about two seconds. I have no make up on, and I'm not sure I had combed my hair. Actually I'm fairly sure I hadn't combed my hair.

Talk about being real!


I'll be thirty weeks in a couple of days...I've been having weekly biophysical profiles and M6 is just incredibly cooperative. He passed his last one in just eight minutes! He's freaking adorable. I'm not even kidding. Even in 2D you can see how cute he is. Of course, as soon as they try to get pictures of him, it all goes downhill. He's not the most photogenic baby ever. One of the other kids was like this...Evany I think. I never got very good ultrasound pictures of her. So far, I think that this baby looks a whole lot like Seth. 

Overall I'm feeling good. I've hit a wall in that I am exhausted every single second, it feels like. I'm ready for a nap by eleven in the morning. Unfortunately, none of the kids are ready for a nap at that time of day! I've been trying to find some really amazing movies to occupy the kids so that I can lay around for a little while at a time in the afternoons, because I've been staying up late to get school work done. 

Which, sidebar...summer semester is INSANE! I have about eight tests a week between all of my classes. Luckily, this will keep me very busy and distracted right up until 37 weeks, so Thor better take note. You may not come before Seth's birthday! I have finals on the fifteenth and Seth's birthday on the seventeenth of July and only after those things can I even begin to think about having a baby. 

And all my kids have totally followed my schedule before, so I know he'll be the same way. Haha! I'm just praying that this baby will be the first one to actually hang out and wait to be born. But you never know...the heparin, insulin, and progesterone combo seems to be doing the trick for now, so we'll see what happens. 

And I think that's officially the pregnancy update. Thanks for all the kind comments on my last post...they were great to read! Hope everyone is having a great week!
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