Friday, May 27, 2011

The post that's all about babies.

I got to spend some quality cuddle time with one of my very best friend's son Charlie the other day. Barely three weeks old and extremely cute, it was the first time I'd gotten to hold a newborn in a while, and it got me pretty excited for Thor/M6's upcoming birth. And I'm not just a little jealous of this hair. I was lucky enough to get to be around for Kara's labor and delivery and I was very happy to see this guy again!




The good news is, Seth let me hold Charlie without completely losing it. I was not expecting that. He was actually very sweet with the baby. So we may have hope that he'll tolerate our own new addition equally well, although he did try to set Evany free to find a new family the other day. 

Speaking of the new McCall addition, I have a picture of him, too! Forgive me, it's a photo of the ultrasound...Seth is sleeping in the room with the scanner. 


His forehead is to the right side of the picture, and he's looking straight out towards us. Do you see those chubby cheeks? Yeah. Those are serious. 

Seriously chubby. 

Thor is measuring...oh, I think the word my OB used was huge. I've been getting pretty frequent ultrasounds, and he's been two-three weeks ahead for a while. But now?

Now he's measuring roughly six weeks ahead, on average. He's about the size of a thirty-six week baby, except his head, which is the size of a thirty-seven weeker - for reference, I'm 30 weeks. Looks like someone is trying to show Seth up. (Seth measured five weeks ahead at his last ultrasound before birth)

I don't know quite what's going on...I've gained a healthy but not excessive twenty pounds so far this pregnancy, and my blood sugar has been under really good control, so as far as the gestational diabetes affecting him, we're pretty much in best case scenario land. So apparently he's just going to be big naturally.

Dr. C says to just keep trucking, and ultrasounds can obviously be off in either direction, but the gist is that all signs are pointing to a big baby, especially since I'm coming up on the time when babies start to gain the most weight before birth. Regardless things will be fine, but it makes me laugh...since the beginning of this pregnancy I have been saying it reminded me of my pregnancy with Seth, and apparently he is following in his big brother's footsteps every step of the way. 

Hopefully Thor decides to be an overachiever and be bigger and stay put longer than his older brothers did, too!

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