Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So one of the all time highs of living in Indiana has been getting to spend so much time with my cousin Jordan. I've talked about her sister Logan plenty on this blog and she's gotten to visit me in Florida multiple times over the years, but Jordan has spent a lot of her time the past few years in Brazil, doing lots of amazing stuff and ministering to kids every day. She gave up half of her Junior year of high school to move to Brazil and attend school there, teaching and doing great some great things. She'll be leaving in three weeks to head back there for the summer. She's kind of amazing.

And she's not just an amazing Christian...she's funny. She's my kind of funny, and we've both made it our goal for the summer to make the other one pee their pants.

Considering how much we laugh when we're together, I think it's a reachable goal.

Whenever I hear something I think is funny, I can look up and expect to see Jordan catching my eye across the room. The smallest thing can just set us off and we lose it. She's dry, witty, and super sarcastic and I love her a whole lot.

Which is why I was pretty darn excited when she asked if I would take her senior pictures for her. She's graduating on Friday and heading off to a college on a full scholarship. She's majoring in Missions and Youth Ministry and I cannot wait to see where life takes her!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our photo shoot last weekend.







Things are going great here! We've been very busy helping prepare for Jordan's graduation party on Friday and finishing up our own school year as well. I have some awesome pictures of the kiddos to post and a new belly shot to post but I have to take a test now. 
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