Tuesday, June 7, 2011

32 weeks and 18 Months

You guys I made it! I'm 32 weeks this week and the pregnancy is going great. This is officially the first baby who hasn't come earlier than the previous one. I'm pretty excited. Things are going great on the pregnancy front. We were looking at pictures  this morning of Evany from just after she was born and it was crazy for me to think that this baby is bigger than her already!


Speaking of Miss Vivi Jane, she turned 18 months old last week! She went straight from walking last month to running, and she is all over the place and just hilarious. She's talking up a storm these days, lots of lecturing in some other language and a few well placed, really clear words.


Now if she could just grow some hair! It's getting a little ridiculous. She is completely anti headband or bow so she gets called a boy a lot. A lot. I don't think she looks like a boy, but man, she must to other people! She's looking like such a toddler these days, though, and it seems like she shed her babyhood overnight.


As always, she's holding her own with her siblings. She and Seth eat more than both the big kids combined, and as long as you feed her regularly she's a remarkably cheerful girl. She's wearing a lot of Ava's old hand me downs and it is so funny to see since they have such different coloring. The outfits look completely different!


I can't believe 18 months have gone by already! It feels like just yesterday that she was born. I feel so blessed to have her and Ava is so happy to have a baby sister in the family to counteract the boys. Something tells me they'll be teaming up against them before long! In the meantime I think I'll enjoy the time she has left of being the baby of the family.


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