Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Insert witty title here

I'm popping in momentarily while the internet is up to say hello. The internet here has been insanely spotty and I've spent every second it's working doing homework and taking tests for school! Have I mentioned that summer session is incredibly accelerated? Oh my goodness. It's insane. I attended classes during the summer the first time I went to college back in the day, and I swear they were a walk in the park. Not these classes! I feel like playing catch up all the time to keep up with the insane testing schedule.

In other news, M6 is looking great! He's practice breathing like a champ and is doing a great job of not being born. I'm a fan. I'm not such a fan of his right ankle, however, which seems to be permanently sticking out of my stomach. But I'll take every week I can get! We're at 33, by the way, which is just insanely awesome! I have done basically nothing to prepare for him. This is my calculated approach to having a full term baby. With all my other kids I had a bag packed and everything ready super early, and they arrived prematurely. I'm trying a new tack...not doing anything at all. Maybe this way he'll stay put.

I'm exhausted and emotional and ready for a nap by about nine thirty every morning, but overall still feeling pretty good. Walking around Wal-Mart the other day I may have complained to Jordan about my leg falling off, but considering everything that could be happening, this is basically a best case scenario.

I've also found myself unexpectedly in the thick of potty training Seth. The school he'll be attending in the fall requires it and he also suddenly became interested in going, so I'm cautiously optimistic. I've been incredibly spoiled with two very easy to potty train older children...Ava was 22 months old when she stopped wearing diapers and Jace was about two and a half but trained in something like three days. So I'm a little scared. But Seth has been doing well and I'm not pushing it or making it a huge deal yet, just getting really excited when he goes. He's been going reliably a few times a day now and this afternoon he pooped on the potty for the first time!

And now my blog has become the place I talk about poop. Wow.

We just finished Seth's IEP for school next year and I'm reasonably pleased with how it went. All the kids are doing great and really enjoying the slightly cooler Indiana summer. This time of year in Florida we rarely got to go outside, so they're loving being able to play and hang out outdoors. Seth has, if possible, gotten even more blond.

And that's what we're doing. How is everyone's summer going? I miss keeping up with people!

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